About us

Samba de Souza was founded in Stockholm 1985 by the brazilian samba dancer Maria de Souza. Maria was born in the state of Maranhão (Nordeste) but moved later to Rio de Janeiro, where she joined the sanba community and the samba school Portela. When she arrivied to Sweden, she wanted to teach samba to the Swedish audience and share the beauty of the brazilian culture.

The Samba de Souza Carnival group today is a wonderful mix of swedes, brazilians and other nationalities. The group performs together with a traditional brazilian live drum band, "batería", which in total may reach up to 40 people.

Samba de Souza™, Carnival group performs at a number of events around Sweden, public and private. This includes street carnival parades, stage performances, enterprise kick-off, anniversaries, weddings, exhibitions, TV-shows, football games etc.